Gabor (Gábor Varga) is a Hungarian Programmer and track maker[Not to be confused with the famous Swedish Aviator which died in an air show], currently married to his wife Agnes. [1]

He has created 3 tracks (Venice, PetroVolt, and Quake) in 3ds max all of which have become Re-Volt's Multi-player classics.

He is also the maintainer of the popular RVTMod and RVMinis 5.[2]

His track "PetroVolt" is the most downloaded track so far in Re-Volt's history showing a massive 16.000 downloads as of 18/04/2012 and also is his track Venice in second place with 9.738 downloads as of 18/04/2012 [3] On the third place is "Quake" with 9.500 downloads as of 18/04/2012. This makes him one of the most popular track makers of all time.

External Links

Gabor Varga's FaceBook


  1. Readme of Petro-Volt :" My wife Agnes tolerated the lack of attention towards her during the months of making."
  2. Gabor Varga mentioned as being maintainer at Ali's site
  3. RVZT Classic Track's List - Showing Quake and Venice

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