Forgotten City

The gfx picture of Forgotten City, captured by Crone94

Forgotten City is an Extreme track created by Urnemanden in February 2008. Forgotten City is 820 meters and difficulty is between Medium & Hard.


Forgotten City is an old city very long away from everywhere. People who lived there, moved to other Cities, because of the long distance between this city and their work. Many years has passed & the nature is slowly taking over the place with no mercy. Storms, tornadoes & hurricanes has several times attacked the old and dirty city in the past years, and most buildings & roads is gone or only the half of them is back. Racing around in the off-road parts may be hard for you, and there is challenges such as a broken bridge & bumpy hills trying to get you off the racing line.

Forgotten City was made using RickyD's track kit. It took less than 24 hours to create this track, but the idea, map and design was aleready constructed & thought about several days before the actual work began.

Cityurne fs

AMW on it's way to the offroad part of Forgotten City, captured by Crone94

Flow & Racing Line

Forgotten City is a track with a fast, but a little bit disturbed flow. You can race at the old roads & streets of the city at full speed, but you have to be careful at the off road parts. Most people find these parts confusing & the off road parts do also have many obstacles you have to avoid. The racing line isn't easy to learn, and you might have to race 3-5 laps before you're able to handle every part of the long racing line good. The AI Nodes isn't the best, but for Re-Volt fans who never tried this track before, the AI Nodes should still be a challenge. There is a few tricky parts on the track, but they can be handled easily if you take a look at how the AI is doing the job.

Forgotten City isn't a track for slow cars, but it is not impossible to finish a lap using Phat Slug for example. It is recommended to use a fast car in a higher rank than amateur, since amateur & rookie is having trouble getting over the broken bridge on the off-road part.

Graphics & Environment

The graphics of Forgotten City is in the same structure as they was in RickyD's track kit, since this was the track kit Urnemanden used for making his idea to reality. Most textures is from the original game or from RickyD's track kit, but using Microsoft Paint, Urnemanden made modifications to the road texture (B.bmp), the building textures ( F.bmp & G.bmp) and the sign texture at the off-road part (Top-left corner, D.bmp). The environment of Forgotten City is old, and it is raining almost every day. The sky doesn't look too sunny neither, the skymap from Toytanic 2 was used in order to create a realistic feeling about todays look of this old city. If you find the rain annoying or if you computer is crashing when loading the track because of the rain, delete it in Object Edit Mode using MAKEITGOOD. The rain object is located in a range of 50 meters from the star.

Updates & Bugs

Forgotten City has been updated the 8th July 2008. This update contained a brand new gfx file (look at the picture to the left), and several useless files has been deleted. The start & end positions was also fixed, since they were different from each other. A little update might also come in the future, to fix an other bug, but there has been no planning about making Forgotten City a Full Custom.

A few bugs is still not fixed, as for example Re-Volt crashing after while loading Forgotten City's ncp file. Urnemanden will try fix this in the next update, but he cannot promise anything, since this might also has something to do with computer specifications.


The latest version of Forgotten City is aviable at & at RRR Racing Forum (Registration is required). It is not possible to download the update of Forgotten City separately, so it is recommended that you delete the gfx & the Forgotten City Folder under "Re-Volt/Levels" before re-installing Forgotten City.

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