Foj 03p is a Acclaim Lego track exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game. Part of Acclaim Set 1, this track is the first to feature pipes, a tunnel-like module that can be placed in the Track Editor.

Course Layout

Racers start on a short straightaway. Right ahead of them is a wide round corner bearing right. There is then a downhill-like trend, featuring a pipe tunnel in the middle of the second straight. Another wide round corner ensues, leading into a path of consecutive diagonal modules, forming into a zig-zaggy path.

After this path, there is a sharp left square corner. Another pipe tunnel is seen ahead, with the tunnel being a 180 degree right turn itself. From there, the tunnel ends, leading into a long straightaway with a slight decrease in elevation. There is then a wide right turn immediately followed by a steep incline. At the end of two consecutive right turns and another small upward incline, there is a final right 180 degree turn which ultimately leads back to the starting line.


Foj 03p is notable for its steep elevation changes compared to other Acclaim Lego tracks. This is seen in the inclines located near the pipe tunnels as well as near the end of the track. The elevations near the tunnels can be quite dubious as they can potentially disrupt the racers from entering the tunnels cleanly. They may enter the pipe from the side as well as exit it, resulting from a rough landing from the exit. The same can be said especially for the 180 degree tunnel, as 'wall-riding' the pipe can lead to exiting the tunnel from the side rather then from the base of the tunnel.


Due to the track's harsh inclines, vehicles with high acceleration such as Adeon or SNW 35 are recommended. They are able to travel up hills at a fast pace. As there is a steep upwards incline near the end of the track, choosing whether or not to pick those vehicles can be the difference between winning and losing.

Slowing down before entering the pipes can be a good idea to ensure more stability and control from the vehicle.