The Files Structure is a list of files which are used by Re-Volt and their meanings in programing language. The main files structures have been described by Ali and completed by darksabre. You can find the completed version at RVTT.

Basic Information

File overview

  • Levels are similar to "Instances". They consist of two files:
  • level.w, which is similar to instance.prm. It contains the "look" of the level.
  • level.ncp, which is similar to instance.ncp (but not equal). Contains the "feel" (What you cannot see but drive on).

Coordinate System

  • The underlying coordinate system is right-handed: The positive X-Axis goes to the right, Y downwards and Z forwards.

Basic data types

  • rvfloat is a 32-bit floating point number,
  • rvshort a 16-bit integer, and
  • rvlong a 32-bit integer. (Both rvshort and rvlong are signed unless explicit marked as unsigned)

External Links

RVTT's Updated Files Structure Document

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