Ferrari Modena is one of the two cars that were discovered at Joe Groombridge's website.[1] This car has a completely original body style compared to the other cars. It was based on a real car though, the first model of Ferrari 360 to be shipped, the Modena.

This car is not present in any of the various Re-Volt versions. According to Paul Phippen, the car could not be included as the license to use the design would be expensive.[2]

References and notes

  1. Full picture: File:Rv_cars.jpg
  2. Email from MarraX99 to Paul Phippen; full answer about Ferrari Modena: "The Ferrari we couldn't include as the license to use the design would be expensive (ironically half of the team went on to work on an official Ferrari 360 Modena game straight after, but we didn't complete it as there were development complications with Ferrari)".


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