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Edit mode(s) is a hidden menu, containing various modes, that only shows once you enter MAKEITGOOD as your username or through running -dev mode. It may also be considered one of the menu Cheat codeareas. It can be enabled in WolfR4. In DEV Version, it's enabled at default as track designers often use this hidden panel to greatly enhance their custom tracks.

Selecting "Edit Mode" on "Select Race" menu, the game redirects you to the Time Trial mode, where only the Stock Tracks can be selected (for version 1.0 followed by patch patch 09.16). Version 1.1 (patch 12.07) allows all the tracks to be edited .As for Re-Volt 1.2, it presents a new mode "Edit mode" without "gogo" models, times, players distance, and all the stars (practice and global pulse) are visible. Also, any track can be selected.

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