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The Developer Version of Re-Volt (known as dev) is based on the demo versions of the game created for and by the developers that was leaked from Probe's facility when the game was being made. It contained many interesting features not in the final release and it was disabled until 1.2 thanks to Huki

Exclusive features

  • Intro or Intro Sequence: This track is unraceable, unplayable in retail versions (only if you change the name "intro" of the files) 1.2a13.0820 adds a working intro
  • The famous ghost car along with developers nicks time trials (nutnut, gazza, etc) and the controversial halo effect (car in the screenshot)
  • The famous "mp3dec.asi" takes a part in dev version which is disabled in retail
  • Ability to view game budget statistics, positions, etc (non-game text in screenshot)
  • Exclusive cars (PC Gamer, PC Accelerator, RivaTNT2, Bike, Bird...)



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