The Cyberspace gfx picture

Cyberspace is an extreme track created by Urnemanden in February 2008. Cyberspace is 467 meters and its difficulty is between Easy and Medium.


Cyberspace is a track taking place in the internet where you are driving on everything from weird number combinations to big website pages. With a big help from hilaire9 and other members from the Re-Volt community, Urnemanden made his first extreme track using MAKEITGOOD, RVGlue & RickyD's track kit. The track was originally made using a lego track's .w file but afterwards this was changed due to size limits inside the lego .w file.


Cyberspace captured by Crone94

Flow and Racing Line

At start the racing line seems smooth and big, but hard turns may occur during the race. In some cases you cannot see what will happen next and you therefore might fall off. The racing line is short but fast paced most of the time and there should be enough background instances to entertain you while driving. The AI Nodes has been made by hilaire9 and will give you challenge to the end of the race.

Graphics and Environment

All graphics of Cyberspace is originally made by Urnemanden with the exception of a couple of logos from different browsers at the start of the track. Only Microsoft Paint has been used to create and/or modify the textures you see while driving on the track. Cyberspace is styled with the color combination of green and black mostly which might make the environment look uniform some times.

Updates and Bugs

Bugs such as bad instance positioning was never planned to be fixed and more background planes have neither been inserted due to bad FPS. Cyberspace was updated once at August 5th 2008, but the track was only updated at urnemanden's website and at the RRR Racing Forum, since this update didn't change anything important. At same date Cyberspace also was available as Full Custom at the same mentioned websites.


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