Seems legit...

The Clone Pick Up is a weapon that, when fired, drops a fake Pick Up that explodes when run into.

Tips on dropping clones

  • Try dropping clones in places where there are a number of normal Pick Ups, right in front of/behind a real Pick Up.
  • Drop Pick Ups in narrow spaces or places that the opponent can't avoid catching it.
  • Drop it when an opponent is right behind you since they will travel straight into the Pick Up and explode.
  • Record well the routes that the CPU controlled cars take to drive into, then drop false Pick Ups on it.
  • Drop Pick Ups in curves, preferably in front of places that the opponent can get stuck. For instance, in the right of the pipe's entrance of Toys in the Hood 1.

Tips on avoiding clones

  • It's a good idea to try to remember where the normal Pick Ups locations are. If you see a Pick Up where it shouldn't be, it's a clone.
  • Avoid Pick Ups that suddenly show up behind some opponent's car. It could be a clone.
  • Don't stay too near to the opponent's back. If it drops a clone, you'll not be able to avoid.
  • Don't run into Pick Ups with no need. If you already catched a weapon, avoid Pick Ups.


  • In Re-Volt 2 and Re-Volt 2: Multiplayer, the Clone Pick Up has the form of a bomb.
  • In Dev0, Clone Pick Ups have a red halo that lights up the floor, and a second sfx sound (which is unknown) is played together with the explosion sound.

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