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Cheat Codes are what a gamer can enter into the game to access hidden features or otherwise locked areas of a game.

In Re-Volt, most of the cheat codes are entered as the player's name in the Name Wheel except for gimmecredits and bargarama which are entered during a race. If done correctly the honkgood.wav sound can be heard after typing it.

Some cheat codes differs according to the game's version or platform. Some versions have exclusive cheats that can't be used in others, or just use different methods to be activated.

Cheat codes can also be enabled using WolfR4, before launching game.

Cheat Codes table

Unlock all cars
Name Wheel
Unlock all tracks
Name Wheel
Unlock Probe UFO
Name Wheel
Reduce cars' size
Name Wheel
Change car during a race
Name Wheel
Change weapon
Name Wheel
Change cameras;
Enable "free" camera
Name Wheel
Enable Edit Modes
Name Wheel
Decrease graphics
Name Wheel
Enable progress
table edition
Name Wheel
All cars become
the same
During race (1.0);
Name Wheel (1.1)
Shows scrolling credits
on the screen
During race
Reflection texture
and cars' wheels
are replaced with
Robert O'Farrell's face
During race
Unlock all cars and tracks
Buttons command
Buttons command
AI Nodes spheres
are replaced with
Robert O'Farrell's face
Buttons command
NumPad1, NumPad2, NumPad3

Other cheats and tricks

Hacking Programs

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