Maybe add weight, top speed and acceleration stats for each car on this page? (Like numbers from Parameters.txt file)

VaiDuX461 (talk) 12:18, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

Split page

I have a suggestion for this page (and possibly, if approved, do the same for other pages in the future): You know, the name of the category is "Cars", which is a term that generalizes every drivable thing you add to Re-Volt. You may ask then why the page is currently centered more in stock cars, while "cars" may also refer for non-stock content. Shouldn't it be used to document general stuff of cars instead of a list of stock cars? What about the subcategories? Why keep them as stubs or empty pages if we can split the content and distribute it among them so that they can be filled?

Then, in my opinion, this category should only be used for general information about cars, and move the existing information to their respective pages. In the case of the info tables, move them to the subcategories in Category:Ratings, as Category:Rookie Cars could include every information about the stock rookies (the same goes for the other ratings). Then, set only summaries (quick information) about determined subject in this page, and include a link to the full/main article where information can be freely expanded without being off-topic, and readers can visit if they become more interested in the subject.

In the other hand, this is going to kill the "quickness" in comparing car's data. Then, a solution would be the creation of a list comparing data of all stock cars (relevant cars only, which will exclude Dev and Unreleased, and possibly Demos). A separated page could be created to contain this list, and readers can go to it if their wish is to compare car's data or see a full list of stock cars.

AllanO1 (talk) 14:14, September 19, 2017 (UTC)

Hey Allan,

First off, I appreciate your effort on categorizing every image there is, including mine. I am, and still currently, in tertiary education, so I've been quite busy in the past few months. So thank you for your hard work.

To answer your queries, I think it is quite normal for the reference of stock cars being more prominent than custom cars. They are official content after all, so they would not be a surprise to me at all.

Well, the list of cars in the 'Cars' category page, have been around at the time since the wiki was founded. With the lack of general knowledge at the time, the list in my opinion was sufficient enough then. With your draft in your sandbox, yes, I do agree with you that the combination with the general information and the entire car list would become extremely clustered and confusing.

However, I have a different stance on the redistribution of the current information. First and foremost, you said something about relocating the "list of cars" tables into the rating subcategories correct? On this, I would not recommend putting it on there. Each rating only has about 8 cars at most, and when there are five ratings, the split would not be effective. I would also assume we are doing the same for Tracks and when you relocate the table into difficulties, there would be only 3 tracks. The subcategories already show a list of the cars by rating, and the list is already concise due to the amount of cars per rating.

What I do suggest is making a new page, as you said called "List of Stock Cars". This is where those tables will be moved. Although may I ask, why is Dev and Unreleased cars being excluded? It should be fine when there is a straightforward list containing all stock cars in that article.

Looking into your sandbox, I think the Cars page should still have "Car types", just truncate it a bit more, for example, omitting the carbox list. That can go into the main article instead. Another proposal that may go ahead is to put "List of Stock Cars" under the "See Also" heading and/or on the "Car types" heading. If there is a simple list of all the cars in the "Car types" article, then the full list article can go under that too. Re-Volt Wiki categorizes cars under types as well as the "Type" data field being the first field in the "General Information" subheading in the current Car Infobox, so I see very little reason to not put "List of Stock Cars" as a secondary 'further reading' article into the Car types subheading in "Cars".

Togehope talk contributions 23:47, September 19, 2017 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply TogeHope. Don't worry. I expected you was busy with studies (most people are). Thank you for your time and for still being around. Fortunately, all images are categorized (by the way, I'm glad for the help you gave). There are still the licensing and summaries to be fixed, but I think this is a less important task for now.

Sorry, I probably caused a misunderstanding. Naturally the reference is prominent for stock cars, but that's not my point. I think this page can be used to give a more deep definition of what a car is. But, as you said, expanding this page may be problematic due to the tables (imagine the size of the Table of Contents). Hence my suggestion to relocate them to the subcategories and keep this page only for "general information", that is, information that fits for all the types, regardless of being standard, console... In other words, information that is not exclusive to the subcategories.

Actually, the tables were around since 2010. On that time we don't had the subcategories we have today (Rookie, Amateur, Console, Standard...), so the list was kind of "fittable" since all stock cars were categorized here.

Well, not move only to ratings', but maybe to car types' as well. You know, use pages according to their main subject.

I do agree the list of stock cars idea is the most efficient for now (for the tables). I may do some tests around and see how the pages will look like. Please, feel free to point out errors or suggest better edits if mine do not please you.

About Dev and Unreleased, well, most of them have missing parameters, so there's no way to measure their performance data to put in a table. However, I may end up by doing the same you did at the Tracks category, which looks quite nice.

So, I'll give a shot at the editing and then back here to ask further feedback.

Thank you so much for your suggestions.

AllanO1 (talk) 17:11, September 21, 2017 (UTC)

The List of Re-Volt cars is completed. I made it different from the first one, as now you can sort data by ascending and descending order. I also added speed, acceleration and weight values.

How does it looks? Is there anything else that could be added or changed?

AllanO1 (talk) 15:38, October 30, 2017 (UTC)

It looks really good. I'm pretty impressed from the fact that you can sort from multiple fields. It throws away the need to make a list on the ratings page, hence, those pages should remain as a category page. I should definitely try that layout for the tracks page (once I've completed the analyses for the Acclaim Lego Set Tracks, which I might start next month due to end-of-year exams).

Great work, and I'm glad you took your time to compile such a concise list. That should make revamping the Category:Cars page much more easier now.

One suggestion, is it possible to reformat the background of the headings/top row so that it matches the color of the maroon red as seen in the headings for the Car Infobox? Togehope talk contributions 03:07, October 31, 2017 (UTC)

Sure! Colors has been changed ;)

I did not knew the sort feature either, until I found this page. Exactly what I was looking for, however, would be nice if data could be sorted in groups (select which cars you want to compare), and, that scroll bar at the bottom... I think it appears only in small screen formats, but get rid of it would be nice too, no idea how tho.

So, it is time to edit "cars" now. See ya :)

Offtopic: I know I offered myself to take pictures and edit the galleries of the tracks, but I'm quite busy recently and I can't do it, so if you want to take them by yourself, feel free to do so. I'm really sorry for that.

AllanO1 (talk) 16:38, October 31, 2017 (UTC)