Re-Volt has many car authors. Some make strictly creations, while others touch on more than one kind. This is a list of the known authors in the community.

Feel free to add yourself to this list if you is active and consistently release cars in the community websites. Please keep it in alphabetical order.


Conversions are the in-between of car creation. They are not as easy or popular as repaints, and minimal knowledge of 3D modeling is needed.


Ahh, the overdone repaint. Still, many good ones.


These guys work the hardest by creating everything from scratch.

Other Creations

Creation types that does not fit in any of the above.


  • Allan1
  • Citywalker
  • fr13ndz0n3dguy
  • Gel38 (Gel_LR34 / Gel)
  • Gotolei
  • MightyCucumber
  • sweet2flower
  • z3r0l33t
  • zorbah



  • Citywalker


  • Gotolei

See Also

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