Bone Island is a track created using Instances by Urnemanden. The Extreme track was released in the late July 2008 and is considered moderate.


After the famous ship from Toytanic 2 has sunk, only a small group of tourists managed to survive. But while sailing in one of the small rescue boats, suddenly a large tsunami-like wave was over them and it turned out that it had blasted them onto a high-altitude island. And what could they do on this small and isolated island other than cultivate their favourite hobby?

Using various kits, RVGlue and Zmodeler, Urnemanden managed to create a small environment filled up with vegetation. Bone Island was created in 3 months, and was the last track (as of 2009) that Urnemanden has created using Instances from kits.

Flow and Racing Line

Boneurne fs

Bone Island, captured by Crone94.

Racers start in what could look like the center of Bone Island's forest. A path helps the player to race around on the island, without falling down or hit one of the many trees. Driving by night can be hard, but as the lap is no longer than 351 meters, most racers manage to do a lap on 30 seconds.

The track contanis a few secret shortcuts that can facilitate the winning, once the driver got used to them. Bone Island can be raced whether with slow or fast cars.

Graphics and Environment

Most of the vegetation on Bone Island is either from kits, the original stock track or other tracks, among Toon Street by Skitch2. Only a few plants were made by Urnemanden himself. Most of textures were borrowed from random websites or from instances kits.

In older computers, the track present some lack during gameplay, which is caused by the high amount of trees and plants.

Updates and Bugs

There is one bug that requires a total "recompile" with RV Glue. One of the stars on the sky has somehow got ENV added, which makes the black outline brighter than the sky itself.

The full custom version of Bone Island has been updated once, while the extreme version haven't yet.

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