Alias Re-Volt Master is an Italian website created by TheFactor82 which has several exclusive features including custom mods, downloads, etc.


Alais Re-Volt Master Site Logo

The site comes with a forum (with the same as the site: Alias Re-Volt Master) which is ranked as the first most popular/active forum.[1]

Alias Re-Volt Master's forum was created on May 04, 2006.[2]

ARM Champs

Alias Re-Volt Master's racing community has had several online multiplayer and offline championships.

Below are some of the main ones.

ARM Pro-Mod Challenge

This challenge is based on the Re-Volt Pro Mod, created by FBV-86. The mod upgrades all the original cars to PRO level, reducing the gap of performance between the cars of different classes.

This tournament is played online on the Re-Volt Stock Tracks. Every driver starts with an amount of credit, which can be used to buy cars. The credit of a player grows according to his results in the race-day. The winner is the first player that collect a car for each class.


Introduced by the ARM Special NASCAR Rollout, the ANC is played online with NASCAR cars on several Oval-Style tracks, 20 laps per track.

The ANC tracks are:

  • Gt Test Oval by Billster
  • DAYTOYA 500 by DSL_Tile & SuperTard
  • LS Tiny Oval Drome by Lo Scassatore
  • Double Oval Drome by Lo Scassatore

RRC (Re-Volt Rally Championship)

RRC is an offline Rally Championship based on Time Trial races. Drivers are divided into Teams, the owner of a Racing Team will develop a car based on an original Re-Volt car and respecting a set of limits imposed by the Championship Rules, which will be used by the members of his/her team. Every driver runs the game offline and makes a screen-shot of their race time. They then proceed to post it on the Alias Re-Volt Master Forum as an image. Race Ranking is compiled according to the race time of each driver.

External Links

References and Notes

  1. List of Board Statistics
  2. TheFactor82 profile at ARM

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