Alexander Kröller

Ali (Dr. Alexander Kröller) is a German male Revolter born in 1974[1] who now lives in America, but travels a lot when doing conferences about computer networking and other related projects.[2]

He created the first tools for Re-Volt RVMinis and RVTMod which includes most used tools Asetools and Rv-glue. [3] He also created 2 tracks, one of which is the first extreme track ever made for Re-Volt (At Home), and the other is a test showing how to use Surface Properties. Both are available on his website.

Ali is not very active on the scene anymore, but sometimes he still shows up on Our Re-Volt Pub and some other forums.

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  1. Calendar (~1983): My very first contact with computers happened at age 9
  2. Ali's profile
  3. Re-Volt chat IRC: DSL_Tile: ali wrote the 1st tools for rv | to edit with | and discovered the file formats

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